Elizabeth Elequin was born in Fort Benning, Georgia. Due to her ties with the military as a child and an adult, she has lived and traveled throughout the United States and abroad.  An artist of Mexican, Irish and Filipino descent, her work is as bold and vibrant as the cultures that have filled her life.

Ornate and fantastic, Elizabeth Elequin’s paintings are composed of organic forms that unfold across the canvas in a kaleidoscope of color.  On a grand scale, Elequin portrays the glory of nature in abstracted design by creating splendid blossoms and fruits interwoven and layered into the patterns of the earth’s design.  In buoyant and decorative patterns, her images unite the exuberant colors of Hispanic culture with the symmetries and primitive style of the ancient arts.  The vital force in Elequin’s art is indeed color. The hues are what speak the loudest and are absolutely brilliant and plentiful.

Elizabeth has exhibited her work in New York, Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Seoul, South Korea and currently resides in San Antonio, Texas.